On delivery of the hot tub, before setting up you will be asked to read and sign the terms & conditions.

On Booking

On booking, we will require a £50 deposit. The deposit will be held as security for the booking and against damages or undisclosed waiting time.

Cancellations & Refunds of the Deposit

If you cancel your booking with us up to 7 days before the booking date your deposit will be refunded in full. If not your deposit will be forfeited.

We will ask you after the set-up of the hot tub to do a walk around to accept there is no damage or note anything previously caused, a photo will be taken. Any damages due to gross negligence while the hot tub is in your care will result in the loss of your deposit and if the damages exceed your deposit of £50 we will act to claim the excess. This may include a filter charge and/or cleaning charge if you use prohibited liquids etc which cause damage.

It is also your responsibility to be punctual on the delivery and collection time of the spa. Waiting time will also be deducted from your deposit at £30 an hour. If we can’t gain access to your property in good time you will be liable for a further £145 hire charge. Please be thoughtful that we might have another booking to fulfil after yours!

Your Responsibility When Hiring The Hot Tub

You must be on site to assist us when taking delivery. You must provide us with safe access and clear instructions. We will not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused. You must provide working electric & water supply close to the setup area and hose with drainage nearby.

We will need a relatively flat area to set up on. You will become responsible for the hot tub after joint inspection and the T’s & C’s have been signed.

If for any reason you cancel your booking with us then your deposit will be forfeited 


important information

important information

Upon our arrival, for insurance purposes, it is very important that the person hiring and parents of any children present respect the space of our staff preparing

and situating the play equipment in order for us to carry out an efficient service that complies with any health and safety regulations ( only once the equipment has been signed off by the hirer ) can the equipment be used.

important information

for a full list of items please go to services

When booking your castle of choice with us please make sure you check with your venue provider first to ensure your venue will accommodate the bouncy castle you have chosen. you will find all the information regarding bouncy castle space requirements are explained at the (services) option above. it is the hirer's responsibility to ensure all hight/dimension requirements are read carefully and are appropriately met to suit your environment, failing to meet these requirements without notification to ourselves will result in us arriving with equipment unsuitable for your event and full charges being incurred but more importantly, a lot of disappointed children. Please don't make this mistake !!!  we may have attended the venue you have chosen and if this is the case we will let you know during your enquiries as we want your experience to be as pleasant simple and smooth as possible and will do all we can to accommodate your entertainment needs.




a non-returnable booking fee is required in order to secure your date and items and only once the payment is received can your date be reserved, your booking fee is not an additional payment to your hires cost but a part of your hires quoted total. outdoor hires are from May 1st to September 30th and are strictly dependent upon the weather forecast for that day. in the event of forecasted rain or high winds for that day, any outdoor hires will be cancelled in order to comply with health and safety regulations 

if you require an outdoor hire then the (Grass only area) that the bouncy castle is to be erected on must be a flat-levelled area (completely free of debris and any sharp objects) we will not erect our units on any surfaces of which would jeopardize the condition of our equipment or cannot be pegged down secure and safely, an electricity supply will need to be no more than 15-20 metres away.

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